Before makeover

After makeover (click on photo to enlarge)



Our latest upholstery transformation for a client in Bend. The sofa was tired and dated, probably because it was going on 18 years in service. The frame was good quality with eight-way hand tied construction, it was just the wrong style for the rooms makeover. I wanted to give the new frame more height and resemble a daybed with clean lines, after a little grumbling from our upholsterer I managed to talk him into the transformation. Of course now he takes all the credit (and well deserved)! We chose this wonderful linen cotton blend from Castel fabrics woven in Europe, the throw pillows are a collection of mixed textiles, always changing and giving new personality to the room. Next time consider giving new life to that old sofa or chair you are thinking of tossing.
Reuse + Repurpose + Restyle!