People often ask me, where do start to conceptualize a project. I always start with the given architecture as a major influence on the design concept, along with that I create "mood boards"
Objects, elements and materials that lend to choices to be made on any given project.

The biggest mistake most people face is to many choices and unfortunately using all of them.
This is were your mood board or in this case your digital board comes in handy, the biggest lesson to lean is restraint, you may love it all but, use your editing eye. It will help make the most important decision on what direction to take.

This board is for an outdoor space incorporating cooking, dining, lounging and along with it all the needs of privacy and incorporating style from the interior and most of all the relationship to the landscape. This is my first stab at concepts, from here I will edit and add elements as the design progresses. . . I will keep you posted!

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  1. So far it looks like a lovely space, I look forward to seeing it come along.